Visa to Vietnam

Note: From 28th of March 2007, Approval Letter to obtain visa upon arrival shall be only made for our customers, who book tours with us but do not have enough time to obtain visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates in their countries. Sorry for others. Vietnam has become more liberalized now in issuing its visa to the foreign visitors. In many countries, you can apply direct to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates, and generally, it takes about 4-10 days. Now the visitors can also obtain the visa upon arrival at the airport with special requirement.
On arrival, visitors must complete duplicate arrival and departure forms. A yellow duplicate form for custom must also be completed – KEEP THE YELLOW COPY for departure or you will face pretty hefty “fine”

Apply for a Visa at an embassy


Passport of at least 6 months valid.
Visa application form.
2 to 3 of 4*6 inch photo
The visa application form may vary from Embassy to Embassy, so you need to take the form from Embassy where you will get the visa. Submit this form filled with your original passport, 2 or 3 photo, visa fee. If you apply directly to Embassy, your information then be sent to Hanoi for approval, so it take about 4 to 10 days (depend on the country you apply). In case, the Visa is approved at Immigration Office in Hanoi, it take you only one day.

Tourist visas:

The tourist visa is only for single entry and one month stay, but extendable after you enter Vietnam. Diplomatic, Official visas, Business and other type of visa should be applied through the official agencies or government or business sponsor.

Business visas

Very convenient as they allow you to stay from 3 to 6 months, with multiple entry options (A lot of Expat like to visit nearby countries such as Thailand or Cambodia for long week ends). If you are here as an investor, then you can ask for extended visas.

Custom Regulations
Custom limits are 200 cigarettes and one litre of alcoholic beverage ( including spirits) per person. Foreign currency is excess of USD 3,000 (192 pounds) in value must be declared on arrival.

Be careful about carrying what authorities refer to as ” culturally offensive items”: These might include foreign pornographic videos ( CD, DVD, VCDs), any anti-government literature, pornography (magazines), weapons and explosives.


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